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Hand sanitizer provided
Competitive rates
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Wheel chair accessible
Referral not required
Motor Vehicle Injuries (MVA) Rehabilitation

With over 20 years of experience in clinical and home-care, we use the most current research-based approaches to help you get back to a pain free life!

Spinal decompression creates a vacuum-type effect which facilitates nutrition to be diffused into the disc space allowing the affected area to heal. Usually, back and leg pain is a result of irritation to the nerve root sleeve by the inflammatory chemicals that are released as a result of inflammation in the disc. Spinal decompression treatments are one of the most gentle and comfortable therapies available. Most patients report a mild sense of stretch on their mid to lower back and often fall asleep during treatment sessions.

Through therapeutic exercise, joint mobilizations, and other hands-on approaches, our treatment can delay or prevent the need for surgery by 5-7 years! (Gwynne-Jones 2020).

With our services, we will reduce arthritis symptoms, improve daily function as well as overall quality of life.

We use acupuncture  in conjunction with other modalities to manage symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Vibrational Radial Shockwaves penetrate deep into muscle tissue, into areas we cannot reach with traditional manual therapies. These shockwaves create micro-cavitation bubbles deep in the tissue that expand and burst, and stimulate healing. Shockwaves also help your body grow new blood vessels in areas which may have had compromised blood supply due to prolonged adhesion and myofascial tension, allowing healing products to better access these areas. Visit our Instagram to learn more!

Therapeutic ultrasound is often used for treating chronic pain and promoting tissue healing. Ultrasound is a tool in wide use by physical therapists. If it is offered to you as part of your treatment, it should always be part of an overall treatment plan that includes exercise, stretches, or other focused activities.

Interferential therapy utilises two medium frequency electrical currents, passed through the tissues simultaneously, where they are set up so that their paths cross & they literally interfere with each other. We manipulate the electrical impulses to improve pain relief, increase local blood flow, reduce swelling and stimulate muscles.

Clinic Features

  • Cybex PowerPlay 4 Station Dual Pulley/Rope Pull
  • Curved running treadmill
  • Concept 2 Ski Erg
  • True Stretch Cage
  • Octane Zero Runner
  • Octane Eliptical Trainer
  • Life Fitness Recumbent Bike
  • Life Fitness Glute-Hamstring Machine
  • Powertec Incline Leg Press
  • Lifecycle Spin Trainer
  • Nordictrack Magnetic Rotator Cuff Strengthener
  • Cybex V3 Total Access Therapeutic Cable Tower
  • Hausmann 90 Degree Training Stairwell
  • Power Body Dynamic Squat Apparatus
  • Power Body Strengthening Sled
  • Power Body Standing Hamstring Machine
  • Progressive 5lb to 25lb Dumbbell Set
  • Life Fitness 4 Way Hip Trainer
  • Low Stretch Plinth
  • ITO Lumbar Decompression Table
  • Balance Station: Elite Bosu/Mini Tramp
  • Theraball Core Strengthening
  • Shoulder Pulleys
  • Pro Stretch Achilles
  • PROM Knee Slideboards
  • Skate Retraining Station
  • TRX Core / Balance
  • Progressive Weighted Therapy Balls