About Mark

Mark graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Physical Education and from McMaster University with a BHSc PT in Physiotherapy, and has 30 years of clinical experience managing:
  • post operative/post fracture/joint replacement
  • sports and soft tissue sprains/strains/tears
  • back/neck degenerative or disc related syndromes
  • post operative spinal fusions
  • management of shoulder/limb issues post mastectomy
  • burns/plastics/hand tendon repairs
  • all age groups
For many years, I have had the opportunity to promote health and fitness while serving as coach/trainer through minor lacrosse/soccer/hockey, and I am an avid cyclist/runner/fitness enthusiast. I look forward to assisting you in recovering from your injuries, and improving your fitness so that you may once again pursue the activities that bring enjoyment to your life.
Yours in health,
Mark Danecker

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